At Washington Dental in Redondo Beach, we offer high-quality yet affordable family and implant dental care. For first time patients, we provide Free Exams and Digital X-rays. Our positive reviews on Google and Yelp are a clear indication that our services are excellent! We understand that your dental health goes a long way in enhancing your confidence. When you visit us, your smile becomes our priority.

Our team is committed to offering top-quality care and personalized service. Our main goal is to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of your smile and your overall dental health. Our doctors have rich skills and are graduates of UCLA, USC and UPENN. They have a deep understanding of all aspects of dentistry. The doctors can perform a wide range of dental procedures including dental extractions, root canals, dental implants, porcelain crowns, white fillings, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, and fitting of dental braces and bridges among others. 

We offer all-inclusive dental care. Upon visiting us, you can be sure that we will meet all your dental needs no matter how complicated. We provide comprehensive family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, and implant dentistry.  We put the needs of our patients first, and we always offer an honest opinion. Our staff are amicable and strive to make every patient feel special and appreciated.

We have state-of-the-art dental equipment. Therefore, we conduct comprehensive dental examinations and offer appropriate treatment.  You can count on us for specific dental needs, including braces, crowns, or extractions.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive services in Los Angeles, Carson, Torrance & Lomita, and Redondo Beach. Washington Dental is your one-stop dental office providing reliable dental care. Allow us to restore your natural smile!

Free Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are important because they will help us keep your teeth and gums healthy. During a free dental exam, we check your overall dental health and look out for any trouble areas. We evaluate your risk of developing other oral problems.

Free Digital Oral X-rays

Digital oral X-rays enhance immediate viewing on the imaged area while significantly minimizing your exposure to radiation. Our doctors can magnify the image on a computer screen. This offers better visualization of the affected area. We are therefore able to make an accurate dental diagnosis

Endodontic Services

If you have an infection or inflammation in the roots of your teeth, you may need a root canal. A root canal is a straightforward dental procedure that helps relieve dental pain and save your teeth from further decay and infection.

About Us

Washington Dental offers a wide range of services in the Los Angeles and South Bay regions of California. We have locations throughout Los Angeles County so we are easily accessible. We offer modern dental procedures, but we hold on to our values and commitment to providing the best quality dental services to our clients.

When you visit Washington Dental, you can expect to receive complete dental care. We offer our services in a modern state-of-the-art facility. Our services are suitable for patients of all ages. At Washington Dental, you can look forward to the great convenience we offer.

Who We Are

At Washington Dental, we are proud to have two highly qualified and trained dentists. Both Doctor Sam Ganji and Doctor David Ganji had high academic credentials from accredited and globally recognized learning institutions. Sam Ganji holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine. On the other hand, David Ganji holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Sam Ganji also serves as an associate professor at the USC School of Dentistry. This means that he is up to date with all emerging dental procedures. He incorporates these modern developments and uses them to offer the highest quality and most efficient treatment possible. Dr. Sam Ganji is a member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. He is also a member of the Los Angeles Dental Society. 

Every other day, Dr. David Ganji enhances his dentistry knowledge. He continually undertakes courses in the root canal, implant, and cosmetic dentistry. He has a high drive and passion for what he does. He works alongside his brother and other dedicated personnel at Washington Dental to offer the best services to patients. 

Our experienced doctors offer the best quality of oral care available today. Come and see why we have so many great reviews from our satisfied clients.  Our dentists and team are committed to enhancing your oral health, comfort, and smile. We offer a wide range of dental services to cater to patients of all ages.

Our dental assistants are highly skilled and approved by the state board.  They all have the necessary educational background and experience. If you need any form of assistance, our caring and friendly personnel are always ready to assist. We can handle all your needs under one roof with our experienced dentists. You do not have to bounce around multiple locations seeking dental services. We offer it all!

What Do We Do

Commitment to providing the highest level of dental care is at the heart of everything we do at Washington Dental. We provide the most advanced, painless dental care available by incorporating current technologies in a comforting setting. We provide the finest procedures approved by the American Dental Association.

At Washington Dental, we handle one patient at a time. Our goal is to offer personalized service and help every patient achieve optimum oral health. As we conduct dental procedures, we always ensure that we adhere to the highest safety standards. We always encourage preventive dental care by conducting comprehensive dental examinations accompanied by patient education on the best dental care strategies. We encourage you to visit us for regular dental cleanings. Making regular visits to the dentist is the only proven way of maintaining your dental health.

We welcome your family to the Washington Dental family. We strive to create and maintain a long-term relationship with your family to ensure that all your dental needs are well monitored and met. We have the answers to all your family's dental needs. You can count on us for simple dental procedures like repairing a simple chipped tooth to advanced dental procedures like oral surgery. As you receive our services, you will enjoy affordable pricing for your whole family. Enjoy technologically advanced dental procedures in a calm and comfortable environment free from distractions. 

How We Help

At Washington Dental, we help boost your overall health by taking care of your oral health. We understand that dental health is not limited to aesthetics but greatly affects your overall health. Washington dental offers the ultimate dental health and dentistry in Los Angeles and South Bay regions of California. We not only enhance your smile but also enhance your overall body health. 

We help you by offering preventive dental care. Preventive dental care saves you from future costly repairs and helps enhance proper oral hygiene. Preventive care helps to boost you and your family's smiles and reduces other dental risks like tooth decay. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, additional procedures like cleanings, periodic X-rays, and fluoride treatments ensure that your teeth remain strong. 

Family care is our specialty, and we will help by taking care of your whole family's dental needs. Our experienced staff and dental experts ensure that your family's visits to the dental office are enjoyable and comfortable. With our pediatric dental procedures, we will ensure that your children enjoy healthy teeth from childhood to adulthood. We will instill the values of proper dental care in your children, and they will carry these values to adulthood.

We also help by offering periodontal care. Even as we focus on your teeth, we cannot underestimate the role your gums lay in ensuring that you enjoy overall dental health.  Gums are the foundation of your teeth and are an integral component of your overall health. Suffering from periodontal disease may expose you to the risk of other illnesses, including diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. 

Washington Dental Services

At Washington Dental, our patients receive comprehensive care from our experienced dentists and our well-trained staff.  We tailor our dental services to the specific needs of our customers. We only offer dental services that meet your specific preferences and expectations.  We have an efficient and streamlined system, as we understand your time is valuable. We have in place technologies and techniques that ensure your visits run smoothly. As we offer services, we do not compromise on high-quality standards that are in line with our commitment to excellence.

Oral Exams For the Whole Family

Enjoy free dental exams at Washington Dental in Redondo Beach. It is advisable to undergo a dental exam every four to six months. During a check-up, the dentist examines your teeth and identifies any dental problem. Our dentists will look for early signs of a cavity. The dentist may recommend filling, sealant, or other necessary treatment to arrest dental problems at an early stage. During routine dental exams, our dentists also look out for signs of other dental problems, including gum disease and treat problems before they advance. Our dentists will advise you on how to take care of your teeth at home.

Digital Imaging

We use digital X-rays, which produce high-quality and accurate images. Our dentists can enlarge digital X-ray images on a computer, making it easy for you and the dentist to view the images. Our dental office can copy or print your digital X-ray images. It is also possible to send the images electronically to insurance companies to prompt them to process your claims faster. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-ray images require less radiation. 

Composite Fillings

We offer white composite fillings that blend in with the surrounding tooth structure to enhance your natural appearance. The fillings help restore a decayed tooth. Composite fillings also come in handy for cosmetic improvement. We can change the color of your teeth and reshape disfigured teeth. Compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings bonds better to the teeth. With composite fillings, it is possible to retain the beauty of your teeth even after tooth decay. Our dentists ensure that they do not extract your teeth unless it is unavoidable.

Terms & Frequently Asked Questions


Periodontal or gum disease often results from poor dental hygiene. Plaque builds up on your teeth, and the plaque further hardens into tartar. Harmful and dangerous bacteria usually thrive in built-up plaque. If you do not seek treatment by a dentist, the built-up bacteria causes gum disease.

Dental Implants

We also install dental implants, which are permanent and a good alternative to dental bridges and dentures. Dental implants offer other benefits other than replacing missing teeth. Implants will help to maintain and strengthen your bone structure. Implants give you the ability to chew food and give you confidence in your smile. By helping preserve bone structure, dental implants help protect neighboring teeth.

Dental implants resemble natural teeth. Other benefits of dental implants include improved speech, improved comfort, easier chewing, durability, and convenience. Dental implants have a high success rate of over 98%. With the proper maintenance, implants are durable.

What is the Process of a Dental Implant?

Our dentists install dental implants through a surgical procedure. The process entails replacing tooth roots with metallic, screw-like posts. The dentists replace damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth. The artificial teeth resemble and function like natural teeth. Dental implant surgery may vary depending on the condition of your jawbone and the type of implant. The dental implant procedure provides solid support for your new teeth and makes it easy to chew.

What is the Role of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns play a wide range of roles. Crowns help to support teeth significantly damaged by decay. Crowns help protect worn-out teeth from undergoing further damage. Our dentists may recommend dental crowns to protect a tooth after a root canal procedure. Crowns also help to cover dental implants. By using dental crowns, our dentists can hold a cracked or broken tooth together. Our dental crowns are durable and may last up to 15 years, depending on your dental hygiene. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatments are quicker and more efficient than regular braces. They help you to get a beautiful smile without having to endure a mouth full of metal, as in the case of conventional braces. With Invisalign invisible braces, you can comfortably smile, and people will hardly notice you are wearing braces. Invisalign consists of a series of trays that fit over your teeth. Each tray makes a slight adjustment to your teeth until you get perfect teeth alignment. 

Who Needs a Root Canal?

Do you have a persistent toothache that will not stop? You may be a perfect candidate for a root canal. You may also need a root canal if you have swollen gums around a tooth. Another sign that you may need a root canal is if your tooth hurts whenever you drink something hot or cold.

How Prevalent is Gum Disease?

Studies indicate that many Americans suffer from gum disease. Eight out of every ten people exhibit signs of gum disease. It is common for people to overlook or fail to notice the early signs of gum disease. If the disease progresses, it may cause many problems, including tooth loss. It is for this reason that Washington Dental is keen to identify early signs of gum disease. 

What is the Remedy for Stained Teeth?

At Washington Dental, we offer teeth whitening services aimed at restoring your confidence and the beauty of your smile.  You can feel comfortable showing your white teeth to the world. Our teeth whitening services will remove stains and whiten your teeth.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Entail?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to a range of dental procedures aimed at improving your smile and aesthetic appeal. It may include a wide range of dental procedures like teeth whitening, cosmetic use of veneers, dental bridges installation, and installation of dental implants, among other procedures. 

Is Pediatric Dentistry (for Children) Important?

It is essential to keep your child healthy from the time they get their first tooth all the way to adulthood. Children may experience dental risks, including cooked teeth that result from using pacifiers. Also common is baby-bottle tooth decay, which may cause advanced dental problems. We treat a wide range of pediatric dental conditions.

What Does Oral Surgery (Extractions) Entail?

A tooth extraction entails removing the tooth mainly because of disease, trauma, or crowding. A dentist or an oral surgeon performs the tooth extraction. This is a quick outpatient procedure often performed with local, general, intravenous anesthesia, or a combination. It is easy to extract visible teeth through simple extraction.

Who Needs Orthodontics (Braces)?

We may recommend braces to improve your "orofacial" appearance. Through orthodontic treatment, we are able to correct a wide range of dental disorders. Some of the disorders we fix using braces include crowded or crooked teeth, incorrect jaw position, overbites or underbites, and other disorders of the jaw.

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