At Washington Dental in Lawndale, we provide an affordable dental plan for you and your family. If you are a new patient, we have good news for you. You can enjoy our dental checkup and x-ray services for free.

Our dentists are graduates of some of the best institutions in California, like the University of California, Los Angeles. They also have extensive research and experience in dental care that makes them some of the best in the industry. Our services include family, emergency, implant, cosmetic, and general dental care.

Our doctors are friendly and offer proper customer service to ensure you feel welcomed at our clinic. Our doctors will explain to you the various services offered and advise you on all the suitable options and procedures available for you. They will then help you make the proper choice on the best process you would prefer.

Some services like extraction and tooth-related emergencies require the services of a well trained and experienced dentist. That is why it is essential to always have a dentist's contact at hand.

According to the American Dental Association, it is crucial to observe proper oral hygiene by going for a checkup at least twice a year. Proper oral health will prevent unnecessary doctor's visits that can be expensive. Nonetheless, we are ready to take care of your dental health and restore your beautiful smile at all costs.

Our Services

At Washington Dental, we provide various dental services to our clients in Lawndale, California. We pride ourselves on having the best dentist in the region who are well trained and equipped to solve dental issues. So choose us today and let us put a smile on your face.

Free Dental Exams

Observing dental hygiene is essential for the protection of your oral health and prevention of severe oral complications. We recommend going for dental exams at least twice a year.

We will conduct dental checkups to spot any dental problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, among others.

Special Dentistry

We perform the following types of dentistry for particular kinds of cases:

  • Oral surgery for tooth extractions
  • Endodontics for treatment of Root Canals
  • Prosthodontics for Dentures, Dental Implants
  • Periodontics that is used in the treatment of gum disease
  • Pediatric Dentistry (Children)
  • Orthodontics by using Invisalign and Braces

Dental Implants

Tooth decay, injury, and gum disease can cause people to lose their teeth when proper oral health is not observed. The dental implant is a procedure that replaces missing or broken teeth. Our dentists can perform both endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

About Us

We are a full-service dental clinic that prides itself on having the best dentists in Lawndale. Our dentist provides tailored dental care with affordable rates to our patients. We are committed to doing our best to give you the best care by using up-to-date technology and also incorporate old fashioned methods to provide you with the best services.

We have dental discounts and different payment options for our patients; we accept credit cards and all major insurance plans.

We aim at giving our patients the best care when you need it because we value you.

Who We Are

We are a team of certified clinicians professionals lead by our dentists: DR. Sam J. Ganji, DDS from Southern California who obtained his Doctorate Degree from the University of Southern California. DR. David S. Ganji, DMD, also from southern California, received his Doctorate Degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Both doctors have a passion for medicine and also helping patients with dental problems. For this reason, our dentist continuously keeps themselves up-to-date on matters to do with dentistry and technology.

In addition to dentists, we also have a team of skilled dental assistants who are licensed to offer patients the best care. Our dental assistants are fully trained and experienced to provide care with the best customer service experience.

What We Do

At Washington Dental in Lawndale, our aim is to provide our customers with the best care and be your number one choice on dental issues. By offering free services such as free dental exams, we hope to gain your trust and put a smile on your face.

We offer an affordable dental plan for both new and existing customers. When you have a dental problem, our dentist will examine you before recommending a procedure for you. We have different dental procedures depending on the kind of dental issue you have. Some of our methods include implants, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, family, and emergency dentistry.

We understand that sometimes it's hard to get the right dentist who is committed to offering you the best care. For this reason, our procedures are done in a single location to provide you with the convenience you need.

How We Help

Washington Dental’s main aim is to provide you with the best dental care and put a smile on your face. That is why we have a range of services aimed at helping you.

We will make you feel comfortable and even desire to visit a dental clinic for a checkup. We will explain all the dental problems and possible solutions to your dental issues.

We will also advise you on the ways and things you can avoid to help prevent dental problems.

Washington Dental Services

We offer a range of services at Washington Dental aimed at giving you a perfect smile and good health.

We use different materials and modern technology when conducting our procedures, so you can trust us to give you the best care. All our dental procedures are tailored to meet every patient’s needs and the best dental practices at affordable prices. Feel free to get in touch for exclusive consultation.

Our services include the following:

Free Dental Exams

As recommended by the American Dental Association, an individual should go for a dental checkup at least every six months. The regular dental checkup will help in promoting good oral health and preventing dental problems like cavities.

At Washington Dental, we have a free dental exam for our customers because we value your oral health. When you visit us for a dental exam, our dentist will look at the condition of your teeth and gums.

When conducting the dental exam, the dentist can spot problems like cavities or gum disease and recommend the way forward.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-ray is a type of imaging where, instead of the traditional photographic images, digital sensors are used to produce images. When you visit us for diagnosis, our dentists will conduct a Digital X-ray to check for problems in your teeth and gums.

Digital X-rays are essential because the images are sent directly to the computer, where both you and the dentist can take a look.

We prefer using digital X-rays because they require less radiation, and their clarity enhances the diagnosis of any dental problems you might have.

White, Composite Fillings

We perform restorative procedures for patients with dental problems. When you visit our dental offices for a cavity problem, one of the dentists will examine the damaged tooth and remove any rotten parts. With the use of naturally white raising filling, the dentist will fill the region where the damaged portion of the tooth was removed.

Composite fillings are made of a white-colored, powdered glass and raising mixture that is used in the filling of a decayed or broken tooth. Filings are also used in the repair of cracked teeth or teeth damaged due to tooth grinding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a solution for missing teeth that can happen as a result of an injury, cavities, or periodontal diseases.

Your dentist will perform a surgical procedure under your gums where he or she will install metal post inside your jawbone. The posts will then be used to mount replacement teeth.

Dental implants are essential because they fuse with a patient's jawbone, thus providing the needed support for the replacement teeth. Also, the implants look natural, so you won't have any problems adjusting to the change.

Your dentist will advise you to observe excellent oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly for the dental implant to work in the long run.

Is a Dental Implant Safe?

Dental implants are safe to use and works very well. However, since it's a surgical procedure, risks are not uncommon. For this reason, you must have the procedure conducted by a certified dentist with much experience.

If you wish to continue with the procedure, your dentist will check for any existing health issues that might affect you during the procedure. He or she may also ask you questions about any allergies or any habits like drinking and smoking. This is important because it will help to determine the way forward to assist the dentist in advising you on the healing process.

Who can Install a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is installed by a certified dentist in a state-approved dental clinic. The expert dentist will perform the dental implant procedure since refined dental implant devices are used.

It is essential to research the dentist and the clinics to confirm the legitimacy of the dentist.

What Are the Signs That I Need to See a Dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends visiting a dentist at least four to six months in a year. Regular dental visits can spot and help prevent dental problems. However, there are signs that can require a dentist visit as soon as possible. Some of the signs include:

  1. Swollen Cheeks or Gums

Swollen cheeks and gums are signs of gum infection at the base of a tooth. Commonly known as Dental Abscess, the disease causes pus to form at the jawbone on the root of the tooth.

If not checked, the infection can spread to the face and cheeks, leading to swelling and causing pain to the patient.

The infection can be made worse by taking hot or cold drinks.

  1. Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be a sign of several dental problems. It is advisable to see a dentist immediately when you develop pain in your jaw.

Possible dental issues that can cause jaw pain are a damaged tooth exposed to different temperatures, cavities, or gum diseases like Gingivitis.

  1. Bad breath

Bad breath is the most significant sign of dental problems. Bad breath can also be caused by gum disease, bacteria, consuming certain foods, and drugs.

A visit to the dentist will provide you with a permanent solution to your problem.

  1. Receding Gums

Receding gums is a sign of gum disease in the majority of people, but it's best to visit a dentist for the right diagnosis.

How do I Know I Need a Tooth Extraction?

A dental extraction is a procedure conducted by a dentist to remove damaged teeth. A tooth can be damaged due to an injury, cavity, or gum disease. In addition, a dentist can remove a tooth for other procedures like orthodontia.

If you have the following signs, then your dentist will recommend a tooth extraction:

  • A wholly damaged tooth that cannot be fixed by any other method
  • Periodontal disease
  • Too much pain even after a procedure like a root canal
  • Crowding as a result of too many teeth in the mouth

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of an artificial tooth that joins with the adjacent teeth. In other words, the dental bridge acts as a bridge between missing teeth and the adjacent teeth.

There are four types of dental bridges, but your dentist will advise you on the right one for you. The different types of bridges include:

  • Traditional bridges
  • Cantilever dental bridges
  • Maryland bridges
  • Implant-supported dental bridges

What is the Procedure for Placement of a Dental Bridge?

Unlike a dental implant, a dental bridge is not a surgical procedure. Your dentist will perform the procedure by numbing the area with an anesthetic injected in your gums. He or she will then measure and make imprints of your mouth to determine whether the dental bridge can adequately fit. You will then be asked to bite down on a soft foam to create an imprint. Cement will then be applied as a foundation for the bridge.

After the procedure, you will be asked to keep your mouth open for a while, which can be painful. However, you will be given painkillers for the pain.

Are Dental Exams Important for Me?

A dental exam is an essential procedure for your oral health. The American Dental Association recommends going for a regular dental exam for the promotion of good oral hygiene.

Going for dental exams regularly will prevent any dental problems that you might have. Additionally, a dental exam can evaluate your risk of developing dental problems.

When performing a dental exam, your dentist might also use digital x-rays to check for problems in your gums and teeth.

At Washington Dental, we offer free dental exams for all our new customers because we value your oral health. A dental exam will give your dentist a chance to discuss with you the various tips about caring for your oral health.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Crown?

A tooth crown is a dental cap placed on the top of a tooth.

You doctor might recommend a tooth crown when:

  • You have a cracked tooth, and a tooth crown would protect it from further cracking
  • You have a completely broken tooth, and a crown would restore it
  • You have a dental bridge, and the crown is needed to hold it in place
  • A tooth crown is needed to protect a tooth from decay or possible damage
  • A tooth crown is the only solution to a damaged tooth

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of teeth alignment that is considered a better alternative to the traditional braces. Your dentist will examine your dental formulae first before recommending an Invisalign as a form of treatment.

Invisalign are made of flexible plastic materials that are designed explicitly for teeth alignment. The content is thin and fits perfectly with your teeth without being easily noticed.

How does Invisalign Straighten My Teeth?

Once the dentist determines the correct method for aligning your teeth, he or she will make a treatment plan for you. Based on the plan, the aligners will be fitted on your teeth, which will then apply force to the right place as it makes adjustments to the teeth.

The process is not complicated; however, depending on how crooked your teeth are, the process can take a while before completion.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is a type of procedure that is used to treat a tooth damaged by disease, injury, or cavity. The process involves a dentist removing the infected/damaged pulp. The dentist will then proceed by cleaning and disinfecting the area, then fill it with resin fillings before being sealed.

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