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Welcome to Washington Dental. We are a premier dental clinic in Carson that assists in restoring patients’ smiles and strives to bring them a quality dental experience they have never had before. Our skilled dentists, dental specialists, and staff are genuine, comforting, and wholly committed to patients’ comfort and well-being.

Our clinic features various dental specialties, including general, family, and emergency dentistry. We have decades of experience in all these specialties and provide in-office services. Our dentists and dental specialists work hand in hand to ensure every patient achieves optimal dental health and an attractive smile.

We provide competent services that meet every patient’s expectations, which has earned us a high reputation in Carson and throughout California. One of our top priorities is creating a friendly environment for every patient. Our objective is to assist patients in solving their dental problems and maintaining proper oral hygiene. We strive to remain up-to-date with the changing technology. Therefore, we only use the most advanced dental equipment and techniques to treat patients, making our services faster and more effective. 

Achieving excellent oral health depends partly on maintaining a proper dental hygiene routine at home. However, regular dental checkups are critical—routine dental checkups will enable the dentist to diagnose and treat any dental problems you may have promptly. Oral health impacts speaking, chewing, a person’s breath, and the aesthetics of your smile. Additionally, oral health has a generally positive effect on overall body health. Consequently, you want to make a dentist your friend and book an appointment with them at least twice a year to ensure your oral health remains intact.

For focused and accurate dental treatment, care, and checkups, contact us at 310-217-1507 for a comprehensive consultation. We are available 24/7, meaning you do not have to choose when to restore your beautiful smile. You can do it at whichever time you want.


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Why Us

We do not want finances to be a reason our patients do not achieve their best smiles. That is why we endeavor to offer quality dental care at an affordable cost. We work with individual patients to establish suitable financial options. For our patients' convenience, we offer special payment plans to assist them in covering treatment costs. When someone chooses us for their dental needs, they are confident that their oral health is our priority.

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Patients who come to us for their dental needs receive expert dental care. We depend on the most recent advancements in dentistry, including state-of-the-art technology. For example, we can use our advanced technology to detect dental cavities that traditional X-rays cannot detect. Additionally, we have scanners that help us capture 3D images for more precise diagnostics. We also have advanced laser equipment for soft tissue-related procedures, like root canal therapy. With this state-of-the-art level of analysis and detection, together with our other advanced equipment, we accurately determine our patients' dental needs.

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Convenience is among the many things our patients enjoy. As an all-in-one clinic, we provide various dental treatments for our patients. With our dental professionals, our patients can have all their dental health needs addressed under one roof. There is no need to visit several locations for dental appointments. We offer teeth whitening, general cleaning, root canals, crowns, traditional braces, Invisalign, et cetera. Additionally, our skilled doctors provide the highest-quality oral care currently available.

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Generating Beautiful, Pearl White Smiles

You look and feel attractive when you have healthy, clean, straight, white teeth. At Washington Dental, we are devoted to assisting all our patients in achieving the smile of their dreams. We will listen to all your desires and needs and then present you with various options for meeting those needs.

Our preventive care services, such as dental exams, dental X-rays, and cleanings, are meant to assist in preserving your teeth’s natural beauty, keeping them cavity- and stain-free for a long time. Preventive dental care is our passion, and we will be pleased to give you tips to help you enhance your dental care and hygiene for your gums and teeth while in the comfort of your home.

If your teeth develop a problem, we can correct the problem with our restorative treatment options and assist you in restoring your smile's beauty. Additionally, we offer cosmetic dental services to fix issues such as oddly sized, stained, or crooked teeth. All our cosmetic and restorative treatments achieve more natural results. They will leave you enjoying the same functionality and beauty you would enjoy with natural, unenhanced teeth.


We boast two fully-trained on-staff dental professionals—Dr. Sam and Dr. David Ganji. These doctors hold high honors, which they acquired from top dental schools in the United States. Dr. Sam Ganji graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. In contrast, Dr. David Ganji graduated from USC with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.

Both dentists have extensive real-life experience across all dental specialties and continue to update themselves with the most recent developments in the dental field by participating in continuing education programs.

Apart from Dr. Sam and Dr. David, we have professional dental assistants approved by the state board with the required experience and educational background to assist in making our patients’ experience in our practice as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

And if you need assistance or have questions regarding your dental health, excellent customer service is our priority. Any of our helpful and friendly staff members will be delighted to serve you. They will explain your dental options and schedule an appointment for you.


We strive to be the top pick for every dental patient in Carson. We work daily to earn our patients’ trust and improve their oral and dental hygiene in various ways. In the broadest sense, “what we do” is work with our patients to care for their mouths (gums and teeth) to maintain their strength and health for the longest possible time as they go about their lives.

We provide one convenient location to which our patients can go for all their dental-related problems without worrying about the quality of care they will receive. We understand how challenging it is to find a competent dental professional and yet how essential finding one is. We, therefore, devote ourselves to being that “competent dental professional” to all our patients. 

The question of how to help our patients achieve good oral health has a detailed and complex answer informed by our dental services (as we shall see under the “our services” section). However, generally, we help our patients achieve optimal oral health by providing cosmetic, restorative, diagnostic, and preventive care to address periodontal and dental diseases and problems of all kinds.

What Patients Say About Us

Our Offered Dental Services At Washington Dental

All of our services at Washington Dental can be summed up as aimed at promoting the health, functionality, and aesthetic appearance of your smile. This leads us to offer a wide array of dental procedures, using only the highest quality tools, materials, and dental appliances.

Below, we cover three major areas of our services and then put a special focus on dental implants, which many dentists do not offer and we have extensive experience at installing.

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Free Dental Exams:

Regular dental exams every 4-6 months help us catch problems in the early stages and prevent others from ever beginning at all. We will spend your first visit checking your teeth for any signs of decay or weakening, and examine your gums to make sure they are healthy. We will do our best to go over your dental health and what ever care you may require. We will explain everything step by step so that you can make the best decision possible.

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Digital X-Rays:

We use modern digital X-rays that instantly produce highquality images on an LCD monitor both you and your dentist can view. These hightech X-rays are both exceptionally detailed and produce as much as 90% less radiation. We also use intraoral minicameras to photograph your teeth to show you exactly what is happening to your teeth and gums if there is a problem.

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White, Composite Fillings:

If we (or you) discover any cavities in your teeth, we can fill them in with natural-colored "white" resin fillings. The resin is strong, durable, stain-resistant, and minimizes the amount of tooth material that must be removed (as compared with silver, amalgam fillings).

In a Dental Emergency? Need Help Now?

Our Services

General dentistry covers a wide range of procedures and services, all with the same common goals: to assist a patient in preserving their original teeth for a long time, ensuring their oral health, and keeping them feeling and looking great throughout their lives.

Oral health is a critical constituent of general health. According to medical research, there are connections between common oral infections and severe general health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the health of your gums, teeth, and other oral tissues. Some of the general dentistry procedures we offer at Washington Dental include the following:

  • Oral exams and cleanings to keep gums and teeth healthy and detect early symptoms of dental diseases
  • Bridgework and crowns to replace missing teeth or lost tooth structure
  • Extractions to take out unhealthy teeth that cannot be saved
  • Dental implants; replacement teeth that last forever
  • Dental fillings for restoring decayed teeth
  • Oral cancer screening to detect oral cancer that can be treated if detected early
  • Removable dentures to help patients smile again 
  • Sealants to assist in preventing cavities
  • Root canal therapy to save diseased teeth
  • Tooth decay prevention, so a patient keep their original teeth for the longest time possible
  • TMD treatment to relieve pain in the jaw area that can interfere with chewing and biting

A dental-elated emergency can arise anytime, even when you have stuck to your routine oral hygiene habits. When you have a dental emergency, visiting a dentist is critical to saving yourself from further complications and pain. Common dental-related emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Dislodged teeth
  • Abscessed teeth or gums
  • Wisdom teeth problems
  • Severe tooth pain

At Washington Dental, we are a renowned dental practice offering emergency dental services throughout Carson and the surrounding cities. We provide a wide range of dental procedures to remedy dental emergencies, all at an affordable cost. Some of our dental emergency procedures include root canal and dental trauma treatments, oral infection treatment, tooth extractions, treatment of intense toothaches, and replacement of broken teeth.

We offer quality services to every patient. We understand that dental problems can arise anytime and cause severe pain, and we are here to attend to you at the earliest and restore your smile. We prioritize our patients and offer quality services to ensure a speedy recovery. When you have a dental emergency, we typically spare time in our daily schedules to attend to you. All you have to do is contact us and provide comprehensive information regarding your situation.

At Washington Dental, we have experienced and skilled dentists who conduct all cosmetic procedures. Our practice is usually recommended as the best for cosmetic dental services. We are equipped with advanced equipment designed with the most recent technologies and strive to offer painless treatments, ensuring our patients' satisfaction.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses all those dental procedures focusing on esthetics instead of dental health. We offer a wide array of these procedures, such as:

  • Teeth whitening to remove the stains from the surface of your teeth caused by dark-colored drinks (like berries, tea, and coffee) and foods, lightening your teeth's shade and brightening your smile.
  • Dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin, strong shells placed on the tooth surface to conceal cosmetic flaws, including discoloration, cracks, and chips. Veneers are made of different materials, including porcelain and composite.
  • Dental bonding involves applying tooth-colored composite resin to conceal discoloration, hairline cracks (craze lines), cracks, and other cosmetic imperfections. Dental bonding can alter a tooth's shape to make it wider, longer, or more uniform.
  • Gum contouring to remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gum line for a more symmetrical, balanced appearance. Gum contouring corrects an unbalanced or gummy smile.
  • Tooth contouring, which is done to remove small enamel amounts to change teeth's shape.

We boast expert cosmetic dental professionals and guarantee quality results from your initial appointment. Contact us to determine what cosmetic dental procedure best suits your needs.

We are one of Carson's most reliable dental practices for family dental services. We are devoted to enhancing the dental health of families in Carson and beyond with our services and determining effective answers for their oral-related challenges.

Our skilled dental professionals and friendly staff provide high-quality dental care that meets our patients' needs. We offer a wide array of dental services for Carson families, including bonding, veneers, white filling, bridges, dental crowns, hygiene services, tooth extraction, gum therapy, regular cleanings, cavity discovery and filling, and tooth decay prevention.

When you come to us for family dental services, you can be sure the results will be an attractive smile and a healthy mouth. Reasons you should consider us for family dental services are:

  • A wide array of services under just one roof
  • Personalized care tailored to your needs
  • Restorative and preventive dental care
  • Hygienic and relaxing dental clinic
  • Well-equipped clinic
  • Child-friendly environment
  • Professional and energetic staff

Our priority is treating every patient to the best of our abilities. Our dental experts, dental assistants, and hygienists are devoted to ongoing patient education and training to provide a holistic dental approach. We are the one-stop solution for your family's dental needs.


Dental care for minors requires extra caution and care. Only a dental professional trained specifically to treat minors can provide this. Most people wonder why they need a pediatric dentist instead of just taking their child to a regular dentist or why taking their child to a dentist is important. These are the various reasons that make pediatric dentistry essential:

  • Pediatric dentists are specially trained to remedy dental problems among minors.
  • Pediatric dentistry centers more on dental preventive measures; thus, it makes it essential from an early age.
  • The pediatric wing of a dental practice is designed and decorated appealingly; therefore, it is less intimidating for a child.
  • Pediatric dentists utilize smaller child-friendly tools. These pieces of equipment are designed not to intimidate the minor and can be comfortably used.
  • Dental diseases can begin when a child is as young as six months old during the first tooth's eruption. Therefore, periodic check-ups to prevent cavities and other dental problems are essential.

At Washington Dental, we have experts specializing in pediatric care. We offer pediatric dental services at an affordable cost and ensure our child patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Call us to set up an appointment for your child.

If you are missing one, multiple, or all of your teeth due to a congenital disability, an accident, or oral health problems, a prosthodontist can restore your beautiful smile and biting and chewing abilities. Prosthodontists focus on designing, fabricating, and placing artificial replacements for damaged or missing teeth and other places in your mouth. Examples of prosthodontic services include:

  • Dental crowns— tooth-shaped caps that cover a decaying or damaged tooth. Once fixed, a dental crown covers the whole enamel part that sits above the gum line. Crowns restore the affected teeth to their original shape, size, and condition and prevent further damage.
  • Dental bridges— prosthetics placed to fill spaces or gaps in teeth. They comprise a pontic (false tooth) and two crowns. The prosthodontic bonds the dental crowns to healthy teeth on either side of the gap in the teeth, preventing tooth day and bone loss.
  • Dentures—if you lack adequate jawbone to support implants but have all or most of your teeth missing, dentures are an ideal option. Dentures are dental prosthetics comprising artificial gum tissue and a complete set of teeth. You apply an adhesive at the bottom of every denture to secure it in place.
  • Dental implants— metal frames or posts surgically inserted into the jawbone underneath the gums. Once placed, the prosthodontist mounts replacement teeth on them. Implants restore an individual's ability to chew and their appearance.
  • Dental or teeth bonding— dental bonding is the procedure whereby tooth-colored resin material is applied to teeth and then hardened using a special light that bonds the resin to the tooth. Dental bonding is performed to repair decayed, cracked, chipped, or gapped teeth, restoring or improving a patient's smile.

Other prosthodontic services are bone grafts, full mouth reconstruction, Inlays and Onlays, pre-prosthetic surgery, TMJ disorder treatment, and treatment of facial injuries.

At Washington Dental, we boast expert prosthodontists who safely address complex dental problems. Call us to schedule an appointment for your prosthodontic needs. Our prosthodontists have also undergone training for various cosmetic procedures, such as crowns and veneers.

Periodontal dentistry focuses on preventing and treating diseases and conditions that impact teeth-supporting structures, like the cementum, gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. Gum or periodontal disease is an example of a disease that affects teeth-supporting structures. Periodontal disease can cause tooth decay, bad breath, and bone and tooth loss.

At Washington, we have expert periodontists who offer surgical procedures such as gum grafting and pocket reduction to treat conditions affecting teeth-supporting structures. We not only treat but also stress the importance of proper periodontal care. We provide our patients with tools and tips to improve home dental care and prevent future periodontal problems. Good periodontal care can enhance your mouth's health and protect your teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional periodontists and say goodbye to your gum disease.

Some people do everything correctly as far as their oral health is concerned. They regularly visit the dentist, practice a proper home oral hygiene routine, and have healthy smiles. However, these people may still feel dissatisfied due to having misaligned or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth may cause dental health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Bacteria and food particles can become stuck in places where there are crowded teeth, making it challenging to remove them, even with thorough flossing and brushing.

At Washington Dental, we transform imperfect smiles into beautiful smiles by offering orthodontic dental services to correct crooked, irregular, protruding, spaced, misaligned, and crowded teeth. We also remedy malocclusions (overbites, crossbites, open bites, and underbites).

We use various orthodontic appliances such as braces, clear aligners, retainers, palate expanders, removable or fixed space maintainers, jaw surgery, headgear, TMJ splints, and other specialized appliances to harness the body's natural capability to remodel its tissue. This is achieved by the devices exerting force on the teeth to jump-start the dental process of gradually and gently reshaping the jawbone to shift the teeth into their proper position. If your teeth are correctly aligned, it will be easier to speak, eat, and brush or floss them. Do not hesitate to call us to learn how we can help you with orthodontic services.

The sensitive interior of your mouth can be diseased, infected, or damaged. At Washington Dental, we address problems affecting this part using our cutting-edge endodontic procedures, such as root canal therapy. For most people, the term "root canal" sends them chills. This will not be the case if you seek to undergo this procedure at our clinic.

Our endodontists use equipment and materials designed to make treatment procedures comfortable and effective. We use advanced tools like 3D cone beam CT imaging and digital X-rays, which make diagnosis and treatment more efficient. We also utilize microscopes to view the tiny spaces in the root canals for thorough treatment with lasting benefits.


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If you are looking for dental services in Carson, you are in the right place. At Washington Dental, our professional staff will do everything they can to help you feel comfortable after, before, and during your treatment. By using the most recent dental techniques and technology, we will also ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

Please call us at 310-217-1507 to schedule an appointment for a thorough examination to determine how we can best help you achieve the smile you cannot wait to show off.


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