While proper dental hygiene is crucial in maintaining your oral health, finding a reliable dentist can help you achieve long-term oral health goals. One of the life decisions you have to make is choosing a dentist to entrust with the care of your teeth/gums. Always focus on finding the most compassionate, affordable, and comprehensive dental care services.

We at Washington Dental have been offering high-quality dental and oral care to the residents of Huntington Park, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our facility is constantly building a loyal customer base and improving the services based on patient feedback. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of patients first and ensuring they get a reason to smile once they leave our facilities.

Our regular patients visit us again and again for dental and oral care services ranging from teeth cleanings to regular checkups. We also offer cosmetic procedures (inclusive of teeth whitening) as well as dental operations such as orthodontic braces and dental implants. We rely on modern advances in dentistry to carry out our work. Our dentists are always on the lookout for new and exciting procedures/advances, which can help us serve patients better.

As a facility offering comprehensive dental care services, we attend to the needs of individuals together with their respective families. Our branches strive to offer patients the highest level of convenience and expertise without compromising on dental care. New patients can expect a free exam and consultation during their first visit with our dentists.

Services We Offer

One thing that sets us apart from other dental facilities is our unique approach to serving patients. We customize our services to not only provide you high-quality dental care but also meet your individual dental needs. Our goal is to drive convenience with the highest level of professionalism.

Free Dental Exams

Maintaining optimal oral health can prevent you from getting dental problems. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), scheduling at least two dental checkups every year can help you achieve this goal. At Washington Dental, we can help you meet this goal with free dental exams.

Dental Implants

Tooth loss affects people of all ages and can result in irregular bite patterns and loss of bone tissue and gum. Our dentists at Washington Dental have exceptional training in installing dental implants. We usually administer an initial exam to assess your suitability for the service.  

Special Dentistry

The expertise of our dentists at Washington Dental cuts across a full spectrum of specialty areas in dentistry. There is a low probability of our dentists recommending you to specialist dentists somewhere else. We usually handle almost all our services under the same roof.

About Us

Washington Dental operates as a dental care facility targeting residents of Huntington Park. We also have branches spread across California targeting patients with diverse dental and oral care needs. Our dental care facilities function as full-service dental offices staffed with well-trained individuals who are focused on continually meeting patients' dental needs. With clean, modern facilities, and the latest dental equipment, our goal is to deliver high-quality care for a wide range of dental services.

Who We Are

Washington Dental is a highly-reputable dental care company with a commitment to helping patients find a reason to smile. Our facilities comprise of highly-trained dental professionals whose dedication is to meet the needs of individuals and their respective families. We are more than willing to offer you personalized services amplified with the most recent, state-of-the-art technologies. We intend to make every dental visit pleasant and memorable.

We derive most of our patients from recommendations made by our patients to their friends and families. Our company is on the verge of helping prevent dental illnesses, treat the existing ones, and facilitate tooth replacements. With a purpose-built approach to dentistry, we strive to offer a wide range of dental treatments at your convenience. You can visit our facilities at any given time and ask for any dental care service from our staff.

What We Do

Our facility comprises highly-trained dental care practitioners focused on generating the most favorable results with every dental care procedure administered. We offer visual and thorough consultations to help diagnose and treat any illnesses, problems, or conditions patients have. Our professionals hone skills in implantology, braces, pediatric dentistry, and tooth replacement, among other specialties. We recently set up a refurbished clinic comprising of spacious treatment rooms.

Though we usually base most of our work on appointments, our dentists are willing and equipped to handle dental emergencies. We pride ourselves on making procedures conducted in patients’ mouths last long. Washington Dental also encourages patients to brush and floss their teeth regularly for the best oral care results.

How We Can Help

We acknowledge the huge impact oral health has on people's overall health. Our work is to offer you a convenient solution for maintaining healthy gums and teeth to improve your overall health. Since it is possible to catch periodontal and dental problems early, we focus on reversing or correcting them easily and affordably. You can count on us for both restorative and preventative dental services and cosmetic dentistry services (which include teeth whitening).

Our dentists can offer you expert guidelines on improving your oral health at home, work, or school. You can also seek advice on how to do the same for your children. We enjoy guiding patients through the path of healing and recovery after they undergo various dental procedures/surgeries. All in all, our services aim at helping you prevent dental problems and have them corrected early enough before they become severe.

Other Services

Dentists at Washington Dental are always on-call to respond to patients' problems/emergencies. We allow patients to make requests for personalized services since they have a say in their overall oral health and take time listening to their requests. Our patient-oriented services make patients feel comfortable during dental procedures/surgeries. We believe in the virtue of building our future skills and experiences based on the knowledge and encounters we have daily. Some of the services we offer are discussed below.

Digital X-Rays

Most of our dental procedures will require x-ray images. We use up-to-date digital X-ray machines to guarantee instant, high-resolution X-ray images. You can view the results on an LCD screen or have them presented on a photographic film. Our X-ray machines produce about 90 percent less radiation than other machines sold in the market today. Dental care experts at Washington Dental also rely on intraoral mini-camera technology to access the hard-to-reach mouth areas when administering exams or checkups.

White Composite Fillings

Our dentists use white composite fillings that seamlessly blend into your teeth if you have cavities. The fillings, made of composite resin, are strong, stain-resistant, and built-to-last. One good thing about white composite fillings is that they only require a small part of your tooth to be removed. They are better in terms of quality when compared to options like amalgam, silver, and gold.

Application of Dental Bonds and Veneers

Dental bonding is an effective method for sealing chips, fissures, and other imperfections found on the tooth surface. The technique also helps hide any discolorations on the teeth. Dentists at Washington Dental use affordable, safe, and durable enamel-colored bonding agents.

Apart from dental bonding, veneering also helps cover dental discolorations on the teeth. We usually use porcelain veneers, which are paper-thin in size and are suited to bond to the tooth. Veneers are effective at shrinking interdental gaps and covering the whole front or large areas of a tooth.

Terms and Frequently Asked Questions


Dental Bridges and Dentures

Bridges and dentures help eradicate gum/bone loss, difficulty speaking or chewing, and tooth migration, among other tooth loss related problems. If your teeth are far back in the mouth or missing, a dental bridge may be an ideal option. Dentures, on the other hand, may suit you if you do not want implants or if your mouth cannot stand implants. They can be removable, fixed, full or partial depending on your dental needs.

Dental Crowns

Before installing any crowns on your teeth, our dentists will help you understand the differences between various crown materials. Dental crowns help strengthen a cracked, worn out, badly damaged, or chipped tooth. They also help cap a dental implant root or root canal tooth. The various types of dental crowns offered by us include composite resin, zirconia, ceramic, and porcelain. Others include metal-fused-porcelain and metal.

Root Canals

Is your tooth's pulp infected, but the entire tooth structure is intact? A dental implant will work when you have a badly damaged tooth, while a filling will only work when you have a tooth cavity. You may consider getting a root canal operation, which is effective at removing the infected pulp and cleaning your tooth canal. Root canals also help cap your tooth with a crown for keeping it fully functional and strong after filling it with gutta-percha.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Our professional teeth whitening services help remove deep-seated stains (which home remedies cannot remove) found in the teeth. We usually apply zoom teeth whitening, a procedure considered by dentists worldwide for effective tooth bleaching. With this approach, our experts help your teeth achieve a brighter appearance. You only need one brief visit to our facilities to have this procedure administered to you.

Braces and Invisalign

As a type of invisible braces consisting of acrylic trays, Invisalign helps nudge your teeth into proper position. People will not notice that you are wearing Invisalign since its trays are translucent. Metal braces help treat tooth alignment problems, just like Invisalign. However, most patients prefer having Invisalign trays on their teeth over metal braces.

Washington Dental is staffed with experts specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, disorders, or conditions of the teeth, mouth, jaw, and gums. We consider these specialty areas as the basis for proper oral health. Our experts receive a lot of questions from patients regarding oral health and our services. Some of these frequently asked questions are as follows:

Why Should I Visit Washington Dental?

Visiting our facilities regularly will help keep your teeth, mouth, and the rest of your body healthy. Our services can help protect your teeth against tooth decay and periodontal disease (known for causing bone and tooth loss). We can also recommend safe flossing and brushing procedures to reduce bacteria deposits known for causing bad breath.

How is the Patient Service at Washington Dental?

Patients leave our facilities with a more attractive smile and increased self-confidence. We can help keep your teeth looking bright and prevent them from getting stained by tobacco, drinks, and food. We customize our services for patients looking to have strong teeth for them to enjoy long-term healthy and beautiful smiles.

Will I Get the Right Type of Implants?

Our dentists carry out initial exams to help determine whether you need to soft tissue grafts or bone grafts to make room for the implants. Our dental care experts can guide you through the process and ensure you make informed decisions on the right type of implant. Implant-supported permanent dentures are an ideal option for patients with most or all teeth missing on both jaws or one jaw. Single implants, on the other hand, help replace lost individual teeth.

We use modern dental implants comprising a safe-to-use titanium root. The implants work by allowing the titanium root to bond with your underlying bone tissue for them to function like natural teeth. We consider dental implants as the best option for tooth restoration. Allow us to help you restore your smile using modern dental implants.

What is Washington Dental Reputable for?

Apart from offering a broad range of dental and oral care services, we are reputable for offering patients convenient appointment schedules. Our offices are easy to get to and appear to be orderly and clean. When you visit our facilities, an expert will record your medical/dental history in a permanent file. You will also be referred to a dentist (an ADA-certified one) who will facilitate the consultation and present you information about the costs of service you are seeking.

What Service Areas Does Washington Dental Cover?

Our expert approach to dentistry helps save our patients time while making us productive and efficient at work. Our dentists are always on call even for the minute services requested by patients. The list of our frequently-exercised dental specialty areas is highly comprehensive. You can gain more insights into our detailed service areas and services by contacting us. The service areas include the following:

  • Endodontics (an example being root canals)
  • Oral surgery (including extractions)
  • Periodontics (a specialty area in dentistry covering the treatment of different stages of gum/periodontal disease)
  • Prosthodontics (which include dental implants and dentures)
  • Orthodontics (our dentists can install both Invisalign and traditional braces)
  • Pediatric Dentistry (children’s dental care requiring a lot of patience/compassion and special expertise)

What Should I Do Between My Dental checkups?

Remember to use fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss once in a while. Avoid taking foods with a lot of sugar and consuming tobacco since they can stain the teeth and cause gum disease. Brush your tongue, too, and visit us regularly (every six months).

At What Age Should My Child See the Dentist?

AAPD (the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) advises parents/guardians to take their children to the dentist when they are six months old. During this age, your child will start developing baby teeth — schedule regular checkups for your child every six months after the first visit.

What Should I Do When I’m at Risk of Gum Disease or Oral Cancer?

A proper diagnosis from a dentist can help determine your likelihood of developing gum disease or oral cancer. If you are at risk of these diseases, visit Washington Dental more than twice every year. Reach out to a dentist whenever you experience any signs or symptoms of the diseases.

When Should I Have My Toothbrush Changed?

Toothbrushes wear out with time, hence the need to change them every three months. Read the instructions on your electric toothbrush (if you have one) on how to maintain it. If you have gum disease, change your toothbrush every four or six weeks to prevent the spread of bacteria. Rising the toothbrush with hot water helps keep its bristles clean and kill bacteria.

Do I Need Dental checkups Every Six Months If I Have Braces?

As a patient receiving orthodontic treatment, you should visit our facilities regularly. Braces tend to trap food in places a toothbrush cannot reach. Regular checkups will ensure that your teeth stay healthy and clean as you wear braces.

How Do I Schedule My Next Dental Checkup?

We have a telephone number available to patients looking to schedule dental appointments. You can also make a request on our website for the same. If you are a new patient, we will kindly inform you of everything you need, and we will honor your request on your first visit.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Dental care experts at Washington Dental are responsive and diligent enough to respond to your call when you have an issue/inquiry. Call us today at 213-765-0004 to seek further answers or information regarding our services or to book an appointment. We will be expecting your call and ready to sign you up for our free exam, among other special offers for new patients.