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Emergency Dentist in Los Angeles, Carson and Lomita

Washington Dental provides emergency dentist services in Los Angeles, Carson and Lomita. There is no need to suffer needlessly if you have a dental emergency. When you have a broken tooth, a mouth injury or a lost filling, there is a dentist available to handle all of your oral care needs. Emergency dentists deal with a variety of dental problems in a myriad of situations. Rest assured that when you suffer from a dental emergency, there will be a competent dentist available to ease your pain and help restore your smile.

24-Hour Emergency Dental Care

Medical emergencies require you to call 911, but dental emergencies can be handled by calling our office. We offer 24-hour emergency dental care. The health of your teeth is at stake in an emergency. Some of the problems we see people for that are dental emergencies include:

  • Lost crowns
  • Lost teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Severe pain in the teeth or gums
  • Any signs of oral infection like fever, swelling, or severe pain

Pain in the teeth and gums that won’t go away is often a sign of a more serious injury. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. As soon as you experience a dental emergency, call your dentist and make arrangements to come to the office. If your tooth is knocked out, preserve the tooth by packing it in ice and taking it with you. Avoid putting anything on your teeth and gums until the dentist has had a chance to examine your wound.

Emergency Dentist In Los Angeles, Carson And Lomita

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait. With emergency dental services available around the clock, you can see a dentist the same day without having to make an appointment. When you need emergency dental care you need to be seen quickly.

In many cases, waiting to deal with your dental needs can cause the problem to worsen. Don’t delay. Receive a full exam, x-rays and treatment quickly with emergency dental services that will meet your needs. Whether you need your teeth restored, pulled or repaired, there is a dentist on call to make sure that you don’t have to suffer.

Call our office or Contact Washington Dental for immediate pain relief. Your smile and peace of mind will be restored as quickly as possible.


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