Maintenance of good oral health is vital for the overall health of every person. There much that a person can do on their own to enjoy good health, for instance, brushing and flossing their teeth regularly. However, much of what needs to be done is the responsibility of a dentist. The American Dental Association recommends having a dental checkup at least two times a year. This way, dental issues can be diagnosed early enough and treated before they get worse.

Washington Dental at Rancho Palos Verdes is your reliable dental partner offering quality and cost-effective family dental care and implant services. We are here to give your smile back. Through our free exam and x-rays that we provide to all our new patients, we can diagnose even the slightest dental issue you might have and treat it on time.

We have competent dentists who have graduated from USC, UPENN, and UCLA with excellent skills and have several years of experience in dentistry. This is what enables us to offer quality, all-inclusive dental care. Every dental service that we offer is provided in our office, and this includes cosmetic, implants, as well as emergency dental services for individuals and families.

Our drive to serve our customers better lies in our commitment to excel in customer care service. What this means is that we have made it easy for our patients to book appointments. In our office, we patiently give you the options available for you without pushing you into any particular procedure.

Our Services

Washington Dental is an all-inclusive dental office that is offering quality and cost-effective dental services. We provide full-service dental services to communities living in Rancho Palos Verdes and surrounding areas. Our guarantee is giving you back your smile and to achieve that, we offer the following services:

Free dental examination:

Regular dental exams are recommended at least every 4-6 months to ensure that dental issues are captured in their early periods and for the prevention of others from developing. We commit ourselves to thoroughly check your teeth and gums for any issues such as weakening and decay.

Special dentistry services:

We offer a good range of specialty dentistry services, including:

  • Oral surgery including extractions
  • Prosthodontics including installation of dentures and dental implants
  • Periodontics or management of gum diseases
  • Endodontics for treatment of tooth pain and performance of root canals
  • Pediatric dentistry for children

Dental implants Installation :

Implants are used to replace root canals of decayed, missing, or broken teeth. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed permanent or replacement teeth designed to match patients’ natural teeth. We create quality implants and crowns that match the color and shape of your teeth.

About Us

At Washington Dental, we offer full-service dental care with the use of the latest medical techniques and old-fashioned commitment to deliver high-quality dental services to all our patients. We serve in several locations, including Downtown Los Angeles, Carson, Lomita, and now Rancho Palos Verdes. We are the best in the provision of quality dental services in South Bay and Los Angeles parts of California.

Our extensive range of dental services is offered at discounted prices. We allow the use of several financial and payment choices, so our clients can find the right care immediately they need it.

Who We Are

For us to be able to offer exceptional and quality dental services to everyone that comes to us, we have a great team in place, led by two of the best and well-trained in-house dentists, namely Doctor Sam Ganji and Doctor David Ganji. Both of them are graduates with top honors from the best dental schools in the United States. They also have extensive experience in handling various types of dental problems.

Doctor David Ganji is a holder of a degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from The University of Southern California. Doctor Sam Ganji is also a well-trained dental specialist, a holder of a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

The two on-staff dentists have extensive real-life experience in a wide array of dental fields. As if that is not enough, they incessantly keep themselves updated with the cutting-edge developments in the field of dentistry through participation in continuing educational programs. This enables them to serve their clients even better.

In addition to our competent on-staff dentists, we have a team of well-skilled and state-board acceptable dental assistants. We are all well –equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to help better the experience of every dental patient that visits our office. The team works tirelessly to make sure that all our clients are well-served, with no delays and no complaints, which help us to achieve our goals.

If, by any chance, you have a need or a question, we have the best customer service team that always gives our patients top priority. Everyone in our office is helpful, friendly, and always eager to assist in any way they can.

What We Do

At Washington Dental, we are making enough effort to become your best and most trusted permanent dental office within Los Angeles. We work hard every day to win the trust of our clients and also to improve the oral health of the people who seek our services. We achieve this in more ways than one.

We want to be your trusted and number one partner as far as your dental health is concerned. We also want to not only treat your dental issues but also teach and encourage you to take better care of your mouth, including your gums and teeth, to maintain and enjoy a healthy life for a very long time.

We have offered you a single location that is very convenient for everyone, where you can always go for all your dental care needs. Here, you do not have to worry about the value of the care you will receive or how much you have to go to get the best dental care. We have searched the market, and we know just how hard it can get to find the right dentist today and how it is vital to do so, that is why our commitment is in ensuring that we are the right dentists that every dental patient needs in the locations we serve.

How Can We Help?

Just like every other dentist out there, our primary work is to diagnose and treat problems that revolve around your gums, teeth, and tissues within your mouth. We also offer advice and administer care to ensure that similar issues are not being experienced in the future.

With our level of training and experience, there is so much that we can do to help you maintain the best oral health. Our services in detail will be discussed below, but we can assure you that we will be there for prevention of dental problems, diagnosis of any issue you might be having, restoration of your dental health as well as cosmetic services to fix any dental and gum-related issue and disease you may have.

Our Services in Detail

Our services are mainly centered on promoting the optimal dental health of everyone that comes to us. We aim at improving your oral functionality, restoring, and also making better your aesthetic appearance and smile. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of dental processes by use of the best quality materials, tools, and dental appliances. Here, we have covered three of our best services, and then we can put greater emphasis on dental implants, an area that many dentists have not ventured in but one in which we have excellent skills and experience in installing.

Free dental examination:

With our free dental exam, we aim at encouraging everyone to have a regular dental checkup at least every 4 or 6 months. This helps catch any dental problems in their early phases of development and also in the prevention of others from developing. Your first dental exam will be quite detailed as we check the general health of your teeth and gums and any indication of weakening and decay. We take you through the entire process, explaining everything to you in detail, and then allow you to make the right decision from the options we provide.

Digital x-ray services:

We use the latest technology to diagnose dental issues thoroughly, including the use of a digital x-ray machine that produces excellent quality images. The images are displayed on an LCD monitor, where both the dentist and patient can view. Our high-technology x-ray machines provide not only detailed pictures but also are safe, producing lower radiation by up to 90%. We also take pictures of your teeth using intraoral minicameras, which accurately showcase your teeth exactly as they are. This helps us know what is going on with your gums and teeth and if there are issues.

White composite dental fillings:

For patients who come to us with dental cavities, we propose filling them in to prevent further damage. We do this by the use of natural-colored resin fillings. A dental filling is an excellent way of restoring the look and functionality of a tooth that is already decayed or broken. The white composite filling that we use is usually firm, stain-resistant, durable, and one that reduces the amount of teeth material that needs to be removed before the filling.

Other Range of Services We Offer

Our services at Washington Dental are not limited to the three above. We offer every possible dental service around, to help people living within the areas where we serve enjoy better dental health. Our other services include:

Dental implants:

Dental implants are replacements made on the roots of replacement teeth to provide a strong foundation for both permanent and removable replacements. Other than giving a strong foundation, implants improve the appearance of the new replacements to make them look and feel like your teeth. They also help improve your speech and comfort since they are designed to become a part of you. Above all, dental implants boost your self-esteem by giving you back your smile and making you feel better about yourself.

Dental bridges:

Dental bridges are restorations that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They join an artificial tooth with the adjacent teeth or dental implants to create a more durable and natural look and feel. A ridge is made of two or more dental crowns of the missing teeth on either side of the gap, then a false tooth or teeth in between them. Dental bridges get their support from implants or natural teeth on either side of the affected area.


Also called a dental cap, a crown is what a dentist places over a tooth to cover it, restore its size and shape, strengthen it, or improve its general appearance. The types of teeth that are crowned are those that have been weakened by decay, those that are severely broken and require holding together, those that have been severely worn down or those that have a dental implant. Dental crowns can also be used to save a tooth that is already decayed and is unable to support a filling.


These are a plastic-type of dental braces that are used to support and adjust teeth. They are an alternative for people who want to straighten out their teeth but do not want to use the regular metal braces. For patients who find metal braces ugly, this could be an excellent alternative. However, Invisalign is more costly when compared to regular braces. However, do not forget the convenience they offer in removing whenever you want to eat or brush your teeth, something you cannot get from regular braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of a dental implant?

Dental implants are a more natural way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Other than the use of dentures, your dentist may advise you to go for a more permanent fix of having artificial teeth fixed directly to the jawbone. The process starts with your dentist examining your general health and the strength of your jawbone to determine whether or not you are well enough to have implants installed. If you are good to go, you will undergo surgery for the placement of the implants. Your dentist will then attach a post to the placed implants, and then the gum tissue is allowed to grow around it. Lastly, you will have a dental crown attached to the implant to improve its appearance and functionality.

When do I need an extraction?

You may need an extraction depending on the type of dental issue you are having. If, for instance, you are experiencing irreparable tooth damage or your teeth are overcrowded, your dentist may advise you to undergo a tooth extraction. The same case applies if you have been in an accident, and your teeth were severely damaged. Also, if removal is the best solution to periodontal disease, you may have to have it done.

What are the general signs of dental trouble?

There will always be a tell-tale sign to warn you about a dental problem way before it blows up. Some of the symptoms you should be on the lookout for include

  • Mouth sores
  • Redness
  • Bad breath
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Swollen face or gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Jaw pain
  • Broken or badly decayed teeth
  • Dry mouth
  • Bleeding gums

If any of these or more alarming signs are experienced, it is essential to visit a dentist's office as soon as possible. Alternatively, you make sure to visit a dental office at least every 4 to 6 months as recommended to help capture some of these issues before they become a significant problem. Our dentists will always be there to help you through the process and offer advice for you to make the right treatment option.

How can I improve the appearance of my teeth and smile?

The confidence a person has when smiling is mainly determined by the look and feel of their teeth. If you have a dental problem, you may not feel confident enough to smile. The feeling of your mouth may also affect the way you feel about yourself. Dentists have a wide array of solutions that can improve the way you look, feel, and smile. Dental crowns are, for instance, used to take care of so many dental problems as they significantly improve the way your teeth look. Other dental problems can be fixed using braces or Invisalign. Visit a dentist near you for a proper diagnosis and to understand the options available for your particular issue.

Contact Us To Learn More

We understand that many people are dealing with dental issues that have denied them the joy of living. That is why we recommend our free dental exams and digital x-rays to help understand what is ailing you and how we can help you. Our dentists and their assistants are always ready to help. Call us at 310-326-5183 to learn more about us and to book an appointment. We are here to bring back your smile.