Proper dental health contributes to the overall health of your body. Also, maintaining your teeth in good condition improves your smile, which translates to confidence in yourself. Dental lumineers are an ultra-thin covering for your teeth that can be fitted painlessly and quickly. This helps restore the glow on teeth that are severely discolored, broken, or chipped. The lumineers are made from advanced porcelain, and since they are thin, your teeth will not require shaping. Lumineers are a successful and growing product that most dentists will recommend. If you want to correct your teeth' appearance and are considering the lumineers, it would be wise to consult with a dentist. At Washington Dental, we provide a comfortable and pleasant environment as we restore your teeth to your desired state. We serve residents of Downtown LA, Lomita, Torrance, and Carson.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are an ultrathin version of veneers. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are fitted in the front surface of the tooth. This is done to cover up stained or damaged teeth. Lumineers are a unique and advanced form of veneers that are no larger than 0.2mm in size. However, with their small nature comes greatness in terms of tooth repair and aesthetic value. Lumineers are transparent, and they can duplicate the color you desire for your teeth. Since these dental fittings are small, the material used to make them is limited.

Most people opt for placement of lumineers for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Repair of damaged teeth. As a result of pressure on teeth or the foods we eat, our teeth may tend to chip or crack. Chipped or cracked teeth are not pleasant and can lower a person's self-esteem. Sometimes cracks may be on the surface of the tooth and do not cause pain. Installation of veneers on the cracked teeth repair the damage and restore your smile.

  2. Reshaping or resizing. Some people have uneven teeth, whether too short or small. This could create an uneven bite. The unevenness of teeth causes grinding and could result in tooth and gum damage. Fortunately, the use of lumineers could help reshape and resize your teeth so that they can appear and function evenly.

  3. Coverage of Stains. Some drinks, food, or drugs could cause staining of your teeth. Everyone longs for a white and pleasant smile that is ruined when your teeth are discolored. The thin layer of lumineers is placed over your teeth to cover the discolored part and create a perfect smile.

  4. Repair gas between teeth. A smile is one of the first impressions you give off. Sometimes the presence of gas between the teeth caused by an illness of nature of your dental formula can interfere with your outlook. These gaps could be covered by the use of lumineers and create well aligned and properly spaced teeth.

  5. Lumineers align crooked teeth. Lumineers provide a fast and painless alternative to the fitting of braces. These structures will help realign your teeth and perfect your smile. Although braces are available for both adults and children, most individuals are not ready to undergo the pain and embarrassment associated with the pair. In just two visits, you can correct your smile with lumineers. When undergoing any cosmetic dental procedure, it is crucial to seek guidance from your dentist.

Before committing to a dental procedure, it is obvious that you want to understand the nature of the procedure and the materials to be fitted in your mouth. Porcelain is the only material that is used in the construction of Lumineers. However, traditional veneers used different materials to create the structure. Lumineers can only be made of carinate porcelain. Since the Lumineers are thinner than the veneers, your original tooth will not require modification. Porcelain is thin and appears translucent. This allows these structures to resemble natural teeth.

The Procedure for Fitting Lumineers

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of options for patients, and lumineers is one of them. Lumineers are often made of porcelain by a dental technician. For you to undergo this procedure, you will have to visit your dentist more than once. When you visit the dentist, they will assess the same on your teeth and the correction you need before deciding to install the Lumineers. Before deciding on the course of teeth restoration, the dentist will assess your teeth and identify the specific issue.

Before your teeth are fitted with lumineers, you may undergo these steps:

  1. Your dentist will assess your teeth to check out for any fillings present on the tooth.

  2. A small piece of natural tooth material may be removed. This will help prevent the tooth from looking too bulky

  3. The dentist will then take a mold of your tooth to help tell the shape and size of lumineers to make for you.

  4. During your second visit, the dentist will fix the lumineers made by the technician to your tooth.

The procedure of coating your teeth with lumineers often takes up to two weeks. The time taken to prepare the lumineers will depend on the extent to which your teeth are damaged. This is because severely damaged teeth may need to be rebuilt up with a filling before the lumineers are fitted.

Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers

Having a beautiful smile is crucial for your overall appearance and can do a lot for your self-confidence. However, most people do have a naturally perfect smile. We all need to perfect it by correcting the defects with the procedures available in cosmetic dental procedures. Veneers are made of porcelain and are attached to the surface of the tooth to improve its appearance.

Both lumineers and veneers can help correct the appearances of gaps and spacing issues between teeth, cracked teeth with uneven edges, or even discolored teeth. Also, both of these procedures are done in a dental lab. Although both veneers and lumineers are used to correct the same dental conditions, there is a big difference between them.

Veneers are at least 0.5mm thin, while lumineers are way thinner to half the thickness of veneers. Since the surfaces are thick, your dentist may have to remove a layer of your natural tooth enamel. This will help avoid the bulky look on your teeth after the veneer fixing procedure. Thus, veneers are not reversible, and in case of damage, you will need to redo the process. After removing the tooth material, you may need to wear a tooth-colored composite to protect your teeth.

Since lumineers are thin, no tooth material needs to be removed for the Lumineers to be placed. If in the future, you change your mind about the procedure, you can have it reversed. Also, the ceramic material used for lumineers is more translucent than the porcelain used for veneers. Therefore, most people prefer lumineers as they resemble natural teeth. Even though the lumineers are thin, they can last twice as long as the traditional veneers. Both lumineers and veneers are effective in collecting various cosmetic issues. When deciding on the product to get, you should be guided by your dentist.

Advantages of Lumineers    

The following are some advantages of getting lumineers as a solution for your dental issues:

  1. The lumineers preserve the natural look. Lumineers are made of thin porcelain that is translucent and has a resemblance to the natural tooth. One of the advantages of the lumineers is that they enhance your smile without compromising the natural look. If you have chipped, cracked, or uneven teeth, this cosmetic dental procedure will be effective. After the procedure, your teeth will not look fake, and you will have a natural feeling.

  2. The treatment is reversible. Lumineers are not permanent. If you do not like their looks or grow tired of them, you can visit your dentist for removal over time. In most cases, you will have your desired look in mind, and the lumineers do not meet your needs. If they are not effective, you can have them removed as you move on to the next potential solution.

  3. Durability. Lumineers are way thin when compared to the traditional veneers. However, their thin nature does not affect their strength. They are resistant to micro-leakage and can last longer than the veneers

  4. A quick and easy way to correct your dental flaws. Lumineers can be applied quickly and with only two dental visits. Also, you do not need to wear temporaries before placing the lumineers. Little preparation of the tooth is necessary since no tooth material is taken off. During the preparation process, needles and drills are not required. Unlike the traditional porcelain veneers, lumineers placement is a painless and easy way out for your stained, broken, or cracked teeth.

  5. They provide tooth protection. Lumineers act like a protective layer to prevent tooth decay while giving a good appearance.

  6. Fair Price. Fitting of lumineers is not expensive. The amazing benefits and look they give the price could be considered similar to that of the veneers. However, the price may vary depending on the number of teeth that need to be fitted. 

Setbacks of Fitting Lumineers

Even with the numerous benefits that Lumineers offer, they have some setbacks which include:

  • It makes the tooth feel bulky. No material is removed from your original tooth for lumineers to be fitted. Therefore, the lumineers add on to the original tooth size. This could cause the teeth to feel bulky. Also, the extra tooth lining could make it look more artificial than what most people expect.

  • Friction between the extra tooth layer and the gums. When the lumineers are fixed, the tooth acquires an extra layer. Because of the increased thickness of the tooth, there is friction between the coating and our gums. This causes more contact with the gums and could increase your susceptibility to gingivitis.

  • Failure to completely cover natural tooth discoloration. Since the lumineers are thinner than the veneers, it might not completely cover the natural stain of the teeth. The lumineers are also transparent and can only hide some blemishes. This might not look as pleasant as most people want it to appear.

Basic Care for Lumineers

Lumineers are a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile in general. These thin filmed veneers can last for a long time when they receive proper care. It is crucial to understand that after the placement of lumineers, you need to take good care of them to ensure they last long without constant repair. As an addition to the recommendations you receive from your dentist, you can implement these techniques into your daily routine when wearing Lumineers:

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

When caring for lumineers, good oral hygiene is crucial. A good oral care routine involves brushing and flossing several times a day. Also, the use of a mouthwash to rinse your mouth and regular checking for signs of damages could help keep the lumineers in proper condition. The easiest way to put these tips in practice is by creating a consistent routine and ensure you follow it faithfully.

Avoid Foods and Drinks that are Harmful to your teeth

What you eat and drink has a significant effect on your dental health. Like natural teeth, some foods and drinks are harmful to the veneers. Lumineers cover up your natural teeth. Therefore, when you take care of your Lumineers, the teeth cannot get damaged. Food that is highly acidic or has high sugar content allows the growth of bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria cause damage to the gums and the entire teeth. Bacteria caused by sugary food can cause damage to the Lumineers before their service period ends. However, if you take some of these foods, you should brush your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash.

Protect your Lumineers from Damage

Lumineers are made of porcelain, a material that is durable and can withstand immense pressure. However, when excessive force is placed on them, they could break or chip, destroying their aesthetic appearance. Lumineers could break when you are participating in vigorous sports activities. Also, biting onto hard objects can cause damage to these structures. You can protect your lumineers from breakage by avoiding foods that create excessive pressure on the teeth. Also, you could consider using a mouth guard every time you take part in these sports activities.

Make regular visits to your Dentist

Lumineers protect your teeth from enamel erosion while providing a beautiful appearance. However, even after adopting good oral hygiene practices, you should make regular visits with your dentist to clean and checkup. During your visits, your dentist will check out for any damage to the lumineers and fix it before it worsens. It is crucial to visit a dentist every four to six months.

Complication of Lumineers

There isn't any perfect procedure, and like other cosmetic procedures, Lumineers could present some complications such as:

  1. Color inconsistency. Sometimes the final shade of the lumineers does not match with your natural teeth. This may result in an artificial-looking smile that most people wish to avoid. Some of the factors that may affect the final color of your lumineers are the color of the teeth that require covering and the bonding substance used for attachment.

  2. Chipped Lumineers. When a lot of pressure is applied to your teeth, the lumineers could break or chip along the edges. This could affect your chewing activity and irritate your gums.

  3. Teeth sensitivity. Sometimes when your tooth is damaged, the dentist could opt to remove the damaged part before attaching the Lumineers. The removal of the enamel could cause tooth sensitivity, which leads to discomfort.

  4. Overhanging Lumineers. Lumineers with rough edges or those that hang below the tooth are likely to be broken or decay. Consulting a competent dentist ensures that the lumineers are laced accurately.

Even though lumineers are some of the most sought-after solutions for discolored and chipped teeth, the outcome of the procedure will depend on the quality of services. Choosing to consult with an experienced dentist will ensure that you avoid the discomfort caused by side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lumineers

Cosmetic dentistry offers many options for patients to restore a perfect smile for individuals who have stained or chipped teeth. If you want to get lumineers as a solution to your dental issues, visiting a dental expert will clarify matters relating to this procedure. The following are some frequently asked questions on installation of Lumineers:

  1. Are Lumineers a Permanent solution? 

Lumineers are a less strenuous way of whitening your teeth. The Lumineers are permanently bonded to your teeth. However, the preparation and application process is not long. Also, the procedure used to put the Lumineers in place is reversible, and they do not last as long as the original veneers.

  1. Will Placement of Lumineers Ruin My Teeth?

Lumineers are a thinner form of veneers that are used to whiten your teeth. You will not feel any pain when lumineers are applied to your teeth. The process is a painless way to restore the shape and color of your teeth permanently. When the thin film is used, it does not damage your teeth but rather corrects the chipping breakage and discoloration of the teeth.

  1. Can Lumineers be taken off if I want them removed?

In the case where tooth preparation was done before the placement of the lumineers, the procedure could be reversed. This is because the process will not involve grinding or destruction of the healthy tooth structure. If there was no preparation done before the lumineers placement, the procedure could not be reversed. For such cases, your dentist may recommend the placement of another set of Lumineers.

  1. How Long Does the Lumineers Placement Procedure Take?

Often, the procedure of fitting your teeth with luminous takes at least two weeks. However, this will be the case if no readjustments are required. During the first visit, your dentist will make your teeth' impressions and place the thin film lumineers during the second visit. However, you may have to wait for lumineers lab work to be conducted and delivered to your dentist.

  1. Can Lumineers be Placed over Veneers?

Yes. Lumineers are porcelain veneers that offer a cheap, quick, and painless way to whiten your teeth and align a crooked smile permanently. If you have a veneer and you are wondering whether you could replace them with lumineers, the good news is you can comfortably do that.

  1. Do Lumineers Look Fake?

Lumineers are an easy and quick method of restoring your teeth. However, they do not have a great resemblance to the normal tooth enamel. Sometimes, these fillings will appear fake. This is because you can see where the structure ends, and their opaque color isn't too natural. This will be the case whether you are getting a porcelain veneer or a crown.

  1. Can Lumineers be Whitened

No. Unfortunately, once your Lumineers are placed, they are permanent, and you cannot do anything to make them whiter. If you want their color changed, you may have to get the procedure redone. During an initial appointment with your dentist, it is crucial to let them know of the color you desire for your teeth. Therefore, when the lumineers are placed, you will not see a need to change their color. Good oral hygiene and care for the lumineers help ensure that your teeth maintain the pleasant glow.

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