Our teeth may be strong – in fact one of the strongest aspects on our body – but that does not prevent them from damage. And it doesn’t even need to be dramatic trauma either. All it takes is one wrong bite.

It helps a lot when you’re aware of the common culprits that are known to damage teeth. And that is what we’d like to educate you on today. We’ve had several patients come to us – usually in the form of a dental emergency – as a result of dental damage caused by foods.

When we say dental damage we aren’t just referring to broken teeth, but rather loose teeth, chipped teeth, fractures, lost fillings, lost crowns, etc.

Foods that are Likely to Damage Teeth

1. Crunchy Fruits & Vegetables

Apples and carrots we’ve personally noticed are the worst in this category. Corn on the cob is a bad culprit. All of these can crack fillings, ruin dental sealants, and will definitely damage any orthodontic appliances. Believe it or not, potato chips can also cause damage. Specifically kettle cooked, as they’re harder than most other kinds. You don’t have to stay away from fruits & vegetables altogether, but rather slice them into smaller pieces before consumption.

2. Ice

It’s very common to chew on ice after consuming a drink. While it’s a great alternative to many other sugary hard candies out there, it has a great potential to chip teeth and/or damage them even worse. It’s OK to suck on ice until it melts fully in your mouth; the only bad part is biting into it.

3. Anything Sticky

It’s mainly candy that is the issue here, but if it’s sticky – especially caramel – then you better be careful. These are well known for pulling fillings right out of the teeth. Sometimes you don’t even notice the filling is gone until it’s worsens into a severe toothache that often requires a root canal. Any type of taffy is also a common culprit. Be careful of these and take them slowly.

4. Popcorn

The real issue here is not the actual popped corn, but the un-popped kernels that break people’s teeth all of the time. The worst part is we usually eat popcorn during movies where we mindlessly consume.

5. Nuts

All types of nuts have the possibility to cause damage to your teeth. Nuts are a very beneficial source of nutrition for you so we still recommend eating them if the opportunity presents itself. However, just be very cautious when biting into them. Or stick to using peanut butter as an alternative.

If you ever do manage to suffer from accidental damage caused by foods or other emergencies, then we always advise to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage from occurring.