Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes to toothpaste selection? We’re betting you do – we’re also betting you grab the cheapest toothpaste as a direct result from not knowing what to choose. If you read the back of the labels, a lot of it is probably gibberish to you, but it still SOUNDS good. Right? We’ll help you narrow it down.

What Should I Buy?

Sure. As dentists, we want the best for your oral health. With that said, the toothpaste you choose should be catered towards ingredients that can help tackle the cause of just about every one of our oral health problems: plaque.

Fluoride is your best bet. Many types and brands of toothpaste have them, but make doubly sure that the one you’re using does contain fluoride. We don’t want to recommend one brand over the other as most of it is essentially the same thing, BUT we can advise you to search for toothpastes that have the official American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval.

What Does Fluoride Even Do?

Fluoride has been well studied and proven to provide a protective barrier against tooth decay that leads to cavities and a host of other oral problems that nobody has time for. This is why we recommend toothpastes that have fluoride. Many of us have access to fluoridated water in our cities, but this alone is not enough. You should still always use fluoridated toothpaste. We advise abstaining from washing your mouth out after brushing, too.

What About Whitening Toothpaste?

Many types of toothpaste advertise whitening agents included in their toothpaste. While these do have the potential to work, results often come too far and few between. Some people swear by these, but many others have not found success with whitening toothpastes. If you decide to try for yourself, then by all means. Just make sure the toothpaste contains active plaque fighting agents such as fluoride.

The quickest and most effective way to whiten teeth is at your dentist’s office! Here at Washington Dental, we use Zoom! Whitening technology, which can guarantee quick results in just one visit.

It doesn’t matter what toothpaste you choose if you do not make brushing and flossing a daily habit. As dentists, we want to remind you that those with excellent oral hygiene brush at least twice a day, floss at least once (preferably in the night), and visit their dentist at least twice a year!