Dental implants are the best way to replace a broken or missing tooth because they are permanent, fixed, and aesthetic. Our doctors have the experience to make sure you get a positive and successful result. We offer FREE Exam & Digital X-rays for all new patients. Come in for a new exam or second opinion to see what we can do for you.

The placement of a dental implant is very safe and often times painless. We recommend that you come in for a FREE Exam & Digital X-ray so that we can see the area and let you know about your options. Our doctors are very experienced in placing dental implants. The procedure is done in-office and is typically very quick and easy.

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is a noble metal, just like gold and platinum. There are three parts to a dental implant; the implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. Unlike other offices, we specialize in placing all three parts in-office. This way you don't need to go to different offices to get each part placed. Our doctors have placed and restored thousands of dental implants and crowns. We are very experienced in this dental procedure. We recommend that you come in for a FREE Exam and Digital X-ray to meet our implant doctor and staff. They will go over every part of the procedure so that you are fully informed and can make the best decision possible. We also offer payment plans and provide financing options so that you don't need to worry.

Your first appointment for a dental implant is very easy. At this appointment you will meet the doctor so that he can review the area and let you know if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. The doctor will examine your X-rays and take a thorough look at your teeth, gums and bone. You will be explained all of your options so that you can make the best decision possible. The doctor will also review your medical history and make sure there aren't any underlying issues that would contraindicate the need for dental implants. There are only a few reasons that make a person not a good candidate for a dental implant. Your doctor will make sure to go over everything with you.

When a tooth is broken or not able to be saved, it needs to come out. Every tooth has part of it inside the jaw bone. This part of the tooth, called the root, sits in the bone and is the reason why the tooth is so stable. It is also the reason why we are able to eat and chew so firmly. Just like a natural tooth that rests inside the bone, the dental implant goes into this bone and mimics the root of the tooth. Some people also call the dental implant a “post.” This is the first part of the procedure. You will be locally anesthetized with the same anesthesia used for other dental procedures such as fillings or crowns. If your tooth is already missing, then the implant will go directly into the location where the tooth once was. If your tooth needs to come out, we will gently remove the tooth and in most cases place the implant the same day. Same day dental implants are ideal because immediate placement of implants allows for a quicker recovery time. Same day dental implants are usually for the front teeth or the premolars. The reason why you can do same day dental implants for these teeth is because dental implants have the same shape as the roots of premolars and anterior teeth. Because they have the same shape, if the tooth needs to come out, it is very easy to place an implant that same day to replace the tooth. Our doctors have placed more than a thousand dental implants, we have the experience to make sure your procedure is smooth and easy.

Once the dental implant goes in, it is the standard of care to let the implant heal. The standard amount of time to let an implant heal is four to six months. This depends on the patient and the area the implant was placed. During this healing period, the implant does not have a crown. We can make you a temporary tooth to wear while the dental implant heals. This temporary is removable and not fixed. It is the standard of care to let the implant heal on its own, untouched for four to six months so that the implant can integrate into the surrounding bone. This is the reason why your temporary is removable and not fixed. Once the implant heals we will take the impression to make the final crown. The final crown is firmly cemented into the implant and will not come out.

When the dental implant has healed, it is time to take the impression to make the final abutment and crown. During this appointment, the impression coping is placed into the implant. This usually does not require any anesthesia and is also very simple to do. Once the impression coping is placed, an impression of the impression coping and surrounding teeth and gum is taken. This is sent to the laboratory to fabricate the final abutment and crown. We will also chose the perfect color, so that the final crown matches ideally with your other teeth. The laboratory then begins to fabricate the final abutment and crown.

On your final appointment you will receive the abutment and crown. This appointment also usually does not require any anesthesia. We will gently place the abutment, which screws into the implant. It is hand tightened so it stays in firm. Then the crown is tried in. We will make sure you are completely happy with the crown and its fit. We will also check to make sure you are happy with the color and shape of the crown. Once you approve the crown, we will then permanently cement the crown. After the crown is cemented, it will permanently be fixed and will no longer come out. Dental implants do not get cavities, however they are susceptible to bone loss just like your natural teeth. This is why it is important to continue getting regular cleanings so that there is no buildup of plaque or calculus that may cause bone loss.

Dental implants can also be used to hold-in dentures. Many denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures because they only hold on to the gum, and for this reason move around and are not stable. If you have a top or lower complete denture, dental implants are right for you to make your dentures stay firmly. By placing four implants into the top arch, and placing only two implants into the lower arch, these implants will hold a complete denture so that you can eat better and have more confidence. The dental implants go into the bone and need time to heal. This is an easy appointment that takes one to two hours, and is done in office. It requires the same local anesthesia used for many common dental procedures such as a filling or crown. The doctor will locally anesthetize you and place the implants. The implants will heal inside the mouth for four to six months. In the mean time you can still wear your conventional denture. After the implants have healed, we will place a piece that screws into the implant called a locator. This locator screws into the implant and is held firmly into the implant. The denture will have clips called a metal housing and liner. This metal housing and liner are imbedded into the denture. This will allow you to clip the denture into the locator of the implant, so that the denture snaps in and out. This allows for a much better hold so that you can eat and function easier and happier.

Our doctors have successfully placed more than a thousand dental implants. When doing any dental procedure, experience is what gets you the best results and outcome. Our doctors have the experience to make sure your dental implant site is properly diagnosed, and that the implant is firmly and correctly placed so that you can have an aesthetic and positive result.